A b o u t   t h i s   s i t e

The idea behind Topaz Squad is simple: to do a homage to a game which isn't exactly well covered. In the case of Silpheed, this may be the only dedicated website available on the world right now.

I believe this site won't receive lots of visitors, and won't even get constant updates, but again my only goal is to show to the world that there's a space shooter series called Silpheed that truly deserves attention. Also, I want to give the fan of the series all information I was able to reunite, as well as some goodies (music, wallpapers etc).

Please, drop a line at the message board if you would like to talk about the game, or share other gaming experiences. Everyone's invited!


T h e   a u t h o r

Time to introduce myself! You can call me "bp". I'm a brazilian who was born on the glorious eighties, to be more precise in 1983. Since childhood I had contact with video games and computers, mostly because my father always liked this kind of stuff (I played lots of games on his MSX and some other games on his 386).

My first console was the Atari 2600. After it, I became adept of videogames and somewhat of Sega fanboy. I went through Sega's Master System, Genesis, Sega CD, Game Gear and also Saturn (I had a SNes, however). In 1998 I left videogames to become an almost exclusive PC gamer. Consoles at that time just could not compete with PC's graphics and multiplayer.

Above: Me playing on dad's old MSX, somewhere in the 80's.

Also, one of the greatest pleasures of the computer gaming world is the possibility to play old titles through emulation. At that time (2000 something) Sega CD emulation wasn't yet possible, and since I had some old games that I wasn't able to sell a few years before (Silpheed being one of them), I turned myself to the Internet and bought a Sega CDX (that was also my first online auction buy, LOL). Needless to say, while today Sega CD emulation is possible even on my PSP, I still have my CDX boxed (just in case, you know).

My history with Silpheed is simple. Christmas 1993: one afternoon I went to the mall with my father to buy a game. I was expecting to find Sonic CD on the shelves, however that didn't happened. What I've found was this "intriguing spaceship shooter", whose box art was nice, but it's screenshots weren't impressive at all (at least on the back of the brazilian cover). I bought the game and came home to have one of the greatest moments of my gaming life: watch Silpheed's intro and play through the first stage, with all that crazy stuff happening on the screen. Truly memorable. The rest is history...