"Good luck, gentlemen. Let's Go!"


Welcome to Topaz Squadron, the only (and first?) Silpheed devoted fansite! I surely hope you enjoy your stay! Please, don't leave before getting an exclusive wallpaper at the "Fan Stuff" section.

Thank you for your visit, and "see you later!"



22.12.2014   Sylph: a Silpheed remake!

Ever played classic Silpheed on PC-88? What about playing a remake? Developed by Kevin Edward Fishburne (who is also lonely developing a multiplayer roling game called Sanctimonia), Sylph: Project Miyaji is a remake based on the classic game boosting new graphics and soundtrack, however staying true to tilted perspective shmup idea.

There is an early, alpha build released, and you can see the progress on Kevinīs journal or watch the Youtube Channel. Targeting the Linux platform, I believe that many of us wont be able to play it very soon, unfortunately. The developer is also planning a release on Steam (Linux) within the next few months. Many thanks to Lorena, for the tip on this awesome news.


22.12.2014   Updating

Hello Topaz members!

Here in Brazil we have a saying: who is alive always show up. Here am I to bring a few updates regarding our beloved franchise. We now have a dedicated Silpheed Alternative page (however it is very short on content), and I've also made a few fixes on other pages. Unfortunately, I had to change my Host, so our Forum is down and I don't know if I'll ever be able to get it running again. If you have a question or sugestion, please send me at  . Best wishes on the new year!


14.09.2012   Silpheed Article!

Hardcore Gaming 101 just published what I believe to be the most comprehensive article about the Silpheed series, ever. It covers every game, including the latest Silpheed Alternative for the Android OS - a game I didn't had the chance to play yet. You really should check it out!


25.07.2012   Updating!

Here I am, getting back to update something that was pending since september 11. I received a contribution from Shawn, one of our visitors, to our Sound Track page. Check it out! And thank you for all of our lonely visitors!


17.06.2011  Still Alive!

Some interesting news. A few weeks ago I was "googling" Silpheed, when I found a blog from one of the few people who worked on the original computer game, Robert Lindsey. He talks about his experience on the project (which was his first game, by the way). Very cool. Click here and check it out!

On another topic: It's been six months since last update? OMG! Well, I've been very busy with my graduation (here in Brazil we call it post-graduation) and professional life, so almost everything else is in stand-by. Anyway, our forum already have some conversation going. I welcome any Silpheed fan out there to join us.


26.01.2011  Forum is Up!

Finally our forum (or should I say, "our hangar"?) is up, so if you want to talk about Silpheed, or provide any kind of feedback about the site, be welcome! I'm also introducing the "Memorabilia" page. It is a work in progress, but you already can see some very interesting articles (it helps if you can read japanese, LOL).

On another news: PLUM Toys is releasing yet another version of SA-77 Silpheed. This limited edition comes in black, with some minor white decals. See it here. Makes me wonder if they will release a proper SA-77J version, like the one seen in Silpheed: The Lost Planet. Have you built any of those models? Why not share the pictures on our forum? I've built both standard and lancer models, and will post some pictures there very soon!

That's all for now! Live longer and prosper!


01.08.2010  All systems green!

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to my Silpheed fansite. I started this project way back in 2005, and after doing some of the graphic part, I left it down for a good time. Why I decided to finish it now, five years later? I don't know - maybe I've been somewhat nostalgic on the last few weeks.

There's still a lot of work to do, but I decided to upload the site as it is now because I don't know when I will have the time to finish the other sessions. I want to upload more detailed information on the games and I'm also preparing an dedicated session to memorabilia (Silpheed apparitions on vintage gaming magazines etc).  You can also expect sooner or later a Forum (Bulletin Board) to discuss all things Silpheed.

Topaz Squadron is not a big site, but Silpheed also isn't a big franchise. I just hope you guys like what you get here. Who knows, if we get a new Silpheed game, this website can get more and richer updates?

Oh, one last thing: pardon me for any gramatical error. English is not my main language :)