G r e a t   S t u f f

Moby Games
I believe it's the biggest game
database avaliable on the internet.
Quest Studios
Definitive source for Sierra's classic gaming soundtracks.
Video game music database.
Hardcore Gaming 101
Excelent library of articles, mostly dedicated to old school gaming.


O f f i c i a l l y   R e l a t e d

Game Arts
Producer of the Silpheed series.
Square Enix
Silpheed's japanese publisher (nowadays).
Working Designs
Silpheed: The Last Planet's north
american publisher.


S e g a   R e l a t e d

A must visit to any Sega Genesis fan.
Great articles and exclusives interviews!
Eidolon's Inn
Devoted to the classic Sega videogame systems of the 80's and 90's. Tons of info!
UK Resistance
Grownup and frustrated Sega gamers,
talking about what Sega means today.


G a m i n g   T o d a y

Voodoo Extreme 3D
My favorite gaming related news site.
They have personality.
Games Radar
Covering the gaming world from a wicked perspective. Funny articles everywhere.
Digital Foundry
The technology behind the games of today!
Very interesting read.