Silpheed captivated me the moment I saw its intro for the first time. Not only the graphics were cool, but the ship itself was very elegant. I've always wondered how cool would be to have a replica / model of that ship on my hands. Looks like I was not the only one to think that...


S p a r r o w   S A

Author: Sparrow SA Body Length: 16 cm
Ship model: SA-77D and SA-77J Type: Garage kit (Sculpted?)

A few years ago I searched the internet to know if there was any kind of garage kit based on Silpheed, then I found the amazing work from this guy named Sparrow. He sculpted both D and J-type Silpheed.


Sparrow's website also features dozens of other models. If you like the Ace Combat series, you should have a look!


B o b b y   K a n a i

Author: Bobby Kanai Body Length: 15 cm
Ship model: SA-77D (Sega CD) Type: Garage kit

Another brilliant work, Kanai's models features not only the alternative "optional weapon", but also the bridal arm that launches Silpheed. The amount of details on those models is breathtaking.


Check it out his website to see even more space ships models (those who likes Thunder Force should really give it a look).



Author: Plum

Body Length: 20cm

Ship model: SA-77 (Sega CD)

Type: garage kit

So finally Silpheed got an official release. Not only that, this producer decided to release a whole line of garage kits based on shooters. Silpheed was the first one, and already got three different versions: regular cannon weapon, lancer weapon and "transparent" body.


I got myself one, and I must say that it's very satisfing to finally have this lovely ship on my desk. I'm not very talented at this hobby, but the final result was enough for me :)