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Title: Silpheed Alternative:
         Menace from Beyond The Stars

Platform: Android
Developed by: Game Arts

Release date: 2010

Published by: GungHo Online


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Directly from the introduction video:

"It has been many generations since humankind developed the technology to travel amongst the boundless sea of infinite stars, but on January 19th, in the year 2419... A civilian spaceship, conducting an interplanetary voyage, is attacked by an unknown enemy - a tragic event that results in the loss of a countless host of precious lives. And following an investigation into the incident, it is determined that the attacking fleet belongs to that of an extraterrestial race. Now, with the very real threat to the peace and prosperity of humankind upon them, the Unified Earth Command mobilizes the Asgard, Earth's finest military warship along with the Gungnir Squadron, an elite group of fighter pilots to confront these ruthless aggressors, for the war of the worlds with these aliens has already begun..."

O v e r v i e w

Silpheed Alternative: Menace from Beyond the Stars, is the most recent entry on the franchise (I think we can say this after 5 games). Developed by Game Arts and GungHo, it is the first game to be on a system not primarily made for games, the Google's Android, and to be only sold in digital format (no physical media)

What this means is that the game now can be played on a vast number of devices, from smart phones to tablets. Unfortunately, however, the game is not available anymore on Google's Play Store, so who did not had an Android device at the time of release (myself included), will never be able to play it again. Sad.

The game itself follows the free-romaing 3D space-combat formula (as Project Sylpheed), giving you some bits of story between missions. The game is short (can be completed in less than one hour), however it was priced at only $2.99.

From the videos I've seen, the graphics are very good (remember, this was in 2010 and on a mobile platform) and the game sounds nice (except the voices - again).

While released many years ago, I still hoping for a new entry that will get the game back to its original roots.

Overview originally written in 2014.


T r i v i a

- Silpheed Alternative can be considered as a prequel, since takes place in 2419, more than 200 years before Project Sylpheed (2632).


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