If you read my overview about these games, you should have noticed that one of the greatest features from this series is the soundtrack. Pick your headphone and enjoy it!


O r i g i n a l   S o u n d   o f   S i l p h e e d   S y n t h e s i z e r   G r a d e   U p

Catalog number: KHY-1030
Release date: May 05, 1988
Number of tracks: 11

I know that the game music genre has a vast market in Japan, but would never expect it to be "cassete old". I never listened to any of those tracks, so I can't say for sure if those are arranges or not. Maybe they are the same songs that were released on CD in 2006 (see below).

01. The Legend of Silpheed
02. Silph of Win
03. Double Star
04. Battle on Orbit
05. Landing Base
06. Asteroid

07. Going in Fortress
08. King Jupter
09. Battlestar Olleyus
10. Return of Xacalite
11. Little Moments Peace



S i l p h e e d :   P C   S o u n d   o f   G a m e   A r t s

Catalog number: SCDC-00521
Release date: Apr 26, 2006
Number of tracks: 55 (only 12 from Silpheed)

This compilation has the soundtrack from Thexder, Silpheed: Super Dogfighter, Tactical Gladiator Veigues and Fire Hawk (Thexder The Second Contact). As you may have guessed, those are based on the classic tunes, so they sound a little bit like enhanced midis. Nonetheless, they are great and should please anyone who likes old school videogame music.

04. The Legend of Silpheed
05. Silf of Win I
06. Silf of Win II
07. Battle on Orbit
08. Double Star
09. Asteroid

10. Landing Base
11. Going In Fortress
12. King Jupter
13. Battlestar Olleyus
14. Return of Xacalite




S i l p h e e d :   O f f i c i a l   G a m e   M u s i c   S o u n d

Catalog number: TYCY-5338
Release date: Nov 24, 1993
Number of tracks: 15

Released in Japan in 1993, this soundtrack compilation is based on the Sega CD game. Those arranged versions are not the same that were featured on the game's CD (see below). It's also worth noting that this compilation includes one track that was not used on the game (maybe it's from a stage that didn't make into the final release?), and two bonus tracks from first Silpheed game (on PC-88).

01. Opening (Remix)
02. Greason Jack (Demo)
03. Asteroid (Stage 2)
04. Fortress Under Construction (Stage 4)
05. Planet of Ice (Previously Unrecorded)
06. Subspace (Stage 5)
07. Landing Approach (Demo)
08. Asteroid Zone (Stage 6)
09. Mobile Fortress (Stage 7)
10. The Great Armada (Stage 8)
11. Surface of the Moon (Stage 9)
12. Scramble (Demo + Stage 1)
13. Ending (Remix)
14. The Legend of Silpheed (PC-88 SR Version)
15. Little Moments Peace (PC-88 SR Version)







S i l p h e e d   ( S e g a C D )   -   R e d b o o k   A u d i o

I remember it as if it were yesterday, my dad saying "let's see if there's any audio track on those discs" as he took my Silpheed CD and went to his audio system. I was still a child, and firmly believed that this idea could do some kind of damage to the disc or even his audio system, but great was my surprise when he skipped to track 2 and I heard the music. Game Arts folks decided to put some surprises in conventional audio track format (red book audio). In my humble opinion, those tracks sounds even better than the ones on the Official Soundtrack release.


01. Data (game files) 05. Stage 5 (Subspace)
02. Opening (with dialogue and sfx) 06. Stage 9 (Surface of the Moon)
03. Stage 1 (Scramble) 07. Boss Theme
04. Stage 4 (Fortress Under Construction) 08. Ending (widh dialogue and sfx)


S i l p h e e d  ( S e g a C D )  -  I n - g a m e   S o u n d t r a c k

Contribution from one of our visitors, Shawn, here is the soundtrack ripped from the game, with the highest quality possible. On his words: "So here's the rundown: 16 tracks. One for each stage, the Game Arts logo, the intro, Boss Battle, Ending and a special version of the theme that is only played during some of the bonus videos. Unfortunately none of those videos are long enough for the song and so track 16 fades out before it's done." Thank you, Shawn!



S i l p h e e d :   T h e   L o s t   P l a n e t   -   R i p p e d   A u d i o

The Lost Planet is the only game on the series that doesn't feature an "official soundtrack" released album - that alone should tell you about the quality of its music. Anyway, some folks (Traumend and Simon B) made us a favor and ripped the audio straight from the game. If Silpheed: The Lost Planet got your ear, you should check it out. The pack contains all levels and bosses music, and also some speech.



P r o j e c t   S y l p h e e d :   O r i g i n a l   S o u n d t r a c k

Catalog number: SQEX-10080
Release date: Nov 22, 2006
Number of tracks: 35 (1 disc)

As with the previous games, Project Sylpheed also had its soundtrack released. Mixing atmospheric, orchestral and electronic music, this game's score is very, very different from old titles, seeking a much more cinematic experience.

01. Project Sylpheed
02. Project Sylpheed Theme
03. Welcome To The Sylpheed
     Operation System
04. Tactics Briefing-A
05. Hangar CVX-93
06. Close Encounters: Intruder
07. ADAN Allied Forces
08. Declaration Of War
09. Transit Platform
10. Sneak To The Frontline
11. Interstellar Cruise Missile
12. 7th Special Operation Wing
     "Night Ravens""

13. Operation Nebula Blaze
14. Promise To Fly
15. Planet Lebendorf
16. Requiem For Brandom
17. Planet Hargenteen
18. White Griffons
19. The Invasion
20. Sacrifice In Red
21. Tactics Briefing-B
22. Industrial Lance & Shield Inc
23. An Ominous Premonition
24. Duel Of Destiny

25. The Prometheus Driver
26. NATF-4 Deltasaber
27. Massive Battle #0015
28. Return To The Skies
29. Into Deadly Fire
30. Promise To Fly (Reprise)
31. The Planet Acheron
32. Doris Eagan
33. Universal Order
34. After The War
35. Kiss Of Trust